Hygimask Washable Face Mask, Tested and Certified with Antimicrobial Nano Silver Coating


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Product Description


The face mask is made using a fabric which has been coated in nano silver, which is a metal well known for its antibacterial properties.
The nano technology has been tested in a certified laboratory and has passed all clinical tests. The Thai Textile Institute certified certificate is also attached for your review.
An antimicrobial is an agent that kills micro-organisms.
The mask has a raised profile to minimise contact with your face and to maintain breathability thus reducing sweating and condensation build up around the nose and mouth which can happen with disposable masks.
The mask can be washed and reused more than 30 times.
The masks are brand new, individually packed and sold individually.
The face mask is made in one size only.
Measurements of the white mask area protecting the face: Width: 20 centimetres / 8 inches, Height: 16.5 centimetres / 6.5 inches (expanded height). NOTE: measurements do not include the additional elastic side straps to stretch over your ears, as the elastic straps will stretch over your ears to various lengths depending on the length you require.